Gutfeld! Interviews Former President Donald Trump

Greg Gutfeld sits down with former President Donald Trump to discuss a range of topics

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JOHN HEILEMANN, MSNBC NATIONAL-AFFAIRS ANALYST: The Delta variant has very visibly raised the price of stupid, right? And because it's raised the price of stupid, of entrenched stupidity. As the price of stupid has gone up as the cost of stupid and the stupid politics that run along with that, the endurance of the stupidity of the stupid caucus, cost of stupid has risen -- who rode the stupid way of -- 


GUTFELD: Stupid. That's the first thing Joe and Mika say to each other when they wake up.

GUTFELD (voice-over): Yes, I hate them. Terrible people.


GUTFELD: Yes, well, I -- everything's going -- Yes.

GUTFELD:: Well, it's been 20 years since 9/11. And you got to wonder, what's it like for the person who's not 20? Do they know enough about what happened that day to produce a cogent opinion?

Well, once you look at the latest campus reform student on the street interview, the answer might be, God help us.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Did you learn a lot about 9/11 growing up in the classroom?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Not in the classroom, but on my own? I like kind of did my own little, like, research thing.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I'd say we learned a moderate amount.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I mean, they showed us like the videos, like the basics.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I didn't learn super specifics about it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I had like a whole unit. It was like two months-worth of learning about it, which was a little strange.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, definitely. My family is Bengali. So we're all Muslim. So, it was a very like -- it's something we were very conscious of.


GUTFELD: Well, that was as comforting as someone looking at their watch during a funeral.

But hey, they're young. We're all kind of silly back then. But maybe given the chance, what would they want people to learn about 9/11?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: When talking about 9/11, what do you think we should avoid? I think we should like avoid a lot of more gruesome facts.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Avoid talking about its roots in Islam, because that was like an extremist group.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think that the 9/11 attack should be taught in a way that doesn't really target like, more like who did it, but like, more like how we can like, move forward and like different, like, healing processes that we can go through to like, make everything like, you know, good again.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So, don't think it's important to know who is responsible?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I do think it's important to know who is responsible, but I also think it should be noted that, like, their religion is not the only thing.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Avoiding kind of placing blame because when you get to the more like specific factors that were at play, you know, it kind of opens the opportunity for things like Islamophobia and ideas of American exceptionalism.


GUTFELD: Gross. Look, it's unfair to say these kids are representative of a population as a whole. But what are they representative of? How about an educational system that's more about indoctrination than instruction. One that pushes anti-American bile, spewing from miserable, passive, aggressive, physically unattractive, perpetually wrong, professors, whose misdirected anger damage impressionable minds.

Thanks to these Marxist think tanks we call universities. We have a few generations who know less about this country than I do about dunking a basketball. And somehow, exceptionalism is easier to condemn than terrorism.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There is a recent video that came out from the Virginia Department of Education that showcased an American university lecturer and she basically said that when talking about 9/11, we should avoid talking about American exceptionalism. Would you agree with that?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, for sure. We definitely should, because we don't need -- we don't need more nationalism in this country. We need more like health care. I don't know. I think they should focus on America's faults, not like how amazing we are and how we need to be superior, because we're not.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: In terms of propagating this idea that our nation is the best no matter what, I would agree that, that should be avoided.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don't think we should be talking about like the greatness of the country.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I definitely don't agree that America is the best country on the earth. I think that we still need a lot of like fixing.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think it's a dangerous mindset to teach young people that because I think that's the reason why a lot of people grew up to be kind of extremist and like really nationalistic.


GUTFELD: I hope stupidity is not contagious. Why would someone their age think this country is exceptional? They got to the party late, the house is crowded. They don't know these new people who just keep strolling in. 

Fights are breaking out, the keg is almost empty, and the authorities are on their way to shut it down.

They arrived as this once great party started winding down. And sadly to them, something horrible perpetrated against us is just another opportunity to talk about how bad we are.

So, unlike Jesse's hair, history is a malleable thing -- like that word. 

Who teaches it and how they teach it can determine how your kid interprets the world. And if they're too young and fearful to call B.S., it's easy to be brainwashed.

Just recently, it worked for less cops will make us safer. So, what would I tell them right now? I was in New York City when it happened, it was as surreal as it was devastating. Because it's the first time you felt engulfed in the horror. Well, second, if you are married.

You're in the heart of evil. It's not a movie, it's not something you can't walk out of, because it sucks. And you're in it and it changes you forever. 

The same way a person has changed forever if they are a victim of a violent crime.

You can't have these baby thoughts about silly things you can't just shrug it off is something we deserve, because we're so mean and powerful.

That day was something else. And that something else is called evil. Sadly, that's forgotten as many now occupy their brains with -- like gender pronouns and self-obsessed grievance.

But I'm pretty sure if you were on the 95th floor of a burning building, and the firemen rescuing, you called you the wrong pronoun, you'd let it slide. Some events in life have a way of putting things in perspective, the difference between what's important and what's trivial -- 

9/11 was one of those events. But this 20 year conflict for some has been back page news, including politicians and media. Not as interesting as Britney, Kaepernick, or Black Lives Matter.

There's too much stuff to think about. And a lot of it really doesn't require thinking at all. Just feeling angry and looking important and saying what you're told to say. We've insulated the country successfully from our conflicts. But by insulating them, they now have no visceral response to this moment. This event that affects millions of people.

It's so good here, people don't even know what's good. We assign false bravery to the loudest voices, who can cry the hardest, who can claim the most victimhood. This relates to 9/11. On that day, almost 20 years ago, we were reminded that we were Americans, not blacks, whites, gays, trans, non- binary woodland creatures.

We didn't proclaim our separate categories. We were Americans. Too bad it took 3,000 innocent souls violently snatched from us to remind us of that. 

That's not tribalism or nationalism. It's understanding what you share with each other, that you were attacked for being you.

Fact is, in 2001, we were Americans. But in 20 years' time, we'd been coerced by a profit-seeking media to reject that. You could argue these entities have done more psychological damage to this country than any outside enemy, creating a whole industry off of hating America.

Because inciting wars between each other means profits for companies, power for activists, and a distraction from real evil.

On the 20th anniversary of 9/11. We call people who don't want to vaccine terrorists. Fact is, as long as we are at each other's throats, who needs terrorists? Al-Qaeda did 9/11. The rest is a self-inflicted gunshot wound as a result of friendly fire.

Let's welcome tonight's guest.

If she had it her way, she'd be co-hosting the four. "AMERICAS NEWSROOM" 

co-anchor and "THE FIVE" co-host Dana Perino.

He can kill a man 30 different ways. 29 of them with his leather pants. 

Retired Green Beret master sergeant of the Hollywood weapons on the outdoor, Terry Schappert.

She is the target market for Zoloft gummies. Fox News contributor Kat Timpf.

When asked what Tyrus does for a living, his opponent said beats me. by massive psychic in the NWA World Television Champion Tyrus.

All right. Terry?


GUTFELD: Like me, you are a hero. After 9/11, I went on and did some things for my country, editing Maxim.

What did you do after 9/11?

SCHAPPERT: So -- yes, so, I've been out of the perfect tee-up. So, I've been out for 4-1/2 years. I got out from active duty. I didn't almost nine, I went to classical theatre school, Circle in the Square, as a working actor in Manhattan, and we got attacked.

So, I thought -- what do I do next? So, I re-enlisted in the National Guard Green Berets and that was October 2001. And I retired in October 2016.

So, that's what I did. And I remember thinking to myself, OK, we're at war, what do I do? I'm not telling people that that's what you have to do. 

That's what -- that's the right decision for me. Cratered my career in one way, but also open up other opportunities.

And I remember after I got back from the first deployment after 9/11, my mom and -- my mom said to me, she goes, I haven't seen you looked as happy in a long time. And I go, well, I'm around the guys I love. And so that's what I did.

I actually not interested. I've never been interested hearing how people felt during 9/11. I don't really care what you were doing when it happened. 

What did you freaking do afterwards? How did you change yourself? Did you -

- did you get smarter? Were you kinder? Did you stop voting for people who are working for your demise? You know, did you pay attention?

And I think a lot of people right off the bat, they did, but then they sort of stopped. And I want to say something else too about the young people. We just saw a clip of really, really not very smart, and soft shell crab human beings.

There's a whole another side of our country that's not that.


SCHAPPERT: It is the young -- the young studs that I saw coming in, that would put on their body armor, and go down the road, knowing that we're going to get hit. These 19-year-old kids.

And when we just lost the 13 recently, everybody was like, oh, they're so young.

GUTFELD: That's Right?

SCHAPPERT: Who did you think we're fighting your wars?


SCHAPPERT: Did you think it was Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders or even Donald Trump? No, it's young people. It's young people doing it. And so, hard times make hard men, hard men make good times, good times, make soft men, and we are now in the stage of soft men make hard times. So, that's what's coming.

GUTFELD: You know, that's amazing. But I think -- I think the take-home message here, and the real tragedy -- 


SCHAPPERT: Here comes the insult.

GUTFELD: No, I'm going to tell you, real tragedy is that 9/11 killed Terry's acting career.

Think about -- Dana, think of all the movies we missed without -- 


DANA PERINO, FOX NEWS HOST: No, he was a stage actor.


TYRUS, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: I really feel it was a mercy killing -- it was mercy killing.

SCHAPPERT: First of all -- 


TYRUS: He's on T.V. now.

SCHAPPERT: I love you, hate you, not a fan of you anymore. And you, I got nothing to say.

Terrible people, but Dana's the best. Shame on you. Fair.

GUTFELD: So, Dana, like me, you're a hero.


GUTFELD: Would -- I mean, your life change because you ended up coming to D.C., correct?

PERINO: Yes, my life is -- yes. As I look back on this day, it's been a lot of reflections this week. And I think that the fact that we are remembering and commemorating this day, this 20 years, it feels like it's a milestone.

And it is something where you have some people like I've read in the paper that like, we just got to move on.


PERINO: We don't need to have these memorials. And then I've been watching some of the documentaries that have been done. And I'm like, look at what the people went through.


PERINO: And imagine is the suggesting that the United States no longer need just -- needs to teach what happened at Pearl Harbor.


PERINO: Or what happened to Martin Luther King, Jr. Or what happened to JFK, or what happened to George Floyd?


PERINO: I mean, would anybody suggest that you shouldn't do that. But this one, this one, they wanted to let go because they don't want to think America is exceptional anymore.

GUTFELD: Or that America is a -- like America, it's the victim here. They don't want to hear that either, because we're the bad guy. All those other

-- all those other things you mentioned, you could argue, is America's fault. Right?

PERINO: Absolutely, you could. And they do.


PERINO: And I think that Condi Rice has a piece in The Wall Street Journal in which she says, if we don't continue to do this. If we don't live up to never forget, we are doomed to repeat it, which is not as eloquent a way of saying what Terry ended with. Because -- 


GUTFELD: But he's an actor, so.

PERINO: And I -- I'd like to say that it is really interesting to think about all those young people that we saw on the video. I could watch that all day.


PERINO: But you think about the young people that died outside of the Kabul airport. And they were signing up to serve their country in order to make sure that they could say whatever they wanted.

GUTFELD: Yes, yes. And I don't even -- I don't -- I don't want to bang on these kids too much, because, you know, they're walking down the street. 

And they're not thinking.


SCHAPPERT: Yes, right.

GUTFELD: That stuff like -- all man on the street stuff is like -- 


GUTFELD: Almost kind of like, these people are not prepared. If you ask me anything on the street, there's a 50 percent chance I am on, on a substance. And whatever comes out of my mouth is going to -- just be -- 


SCHAPPERT: You with gum.

GUTFELD: Oh, yes. No, I'll be brilliant.


GUTFELD: I'll be brilliant.

SCHAPPERT: Yes, sorry, Greg.

GUTFELD: Much like your acting career.

SCHAPPERT: So, let's see what's going to be on the rest of the night now.

GUTFELD: Yes, no, you know that you gave me the one line -- 



GUTFELD: That I'm going to beat to the ground.


TYRUS: You chose -- 


KATHERINE TIMPF, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Thank you for your service.

TYRUS: You chose -- 

SCHAPPERT: And by the way, Gutfeld, you're welcome for your freedom.


SCHAPPERT: To mock me.


TYRUS: Listen, you chose not to wear leather pants. You did this to yourself.

GUTFELD: If you'd worn leather pants, I would have been much nicer.

SCHAPPERT: Oh, I'm sure you would have backed off.

TYRUS: Or a chaps or with something, but -- 


SCHAPPERT: I hate all of them. I hate all of them.

GUTFELD: You know, no chaps here.

TYRUS: Yes, yes, yes.

GUTFELD: Kat, Kat, would you -- in September 11th, 2001, you were 36.


GUTFELD: Kat, actually, you were -- what are you? 11 or 12?

TIMPF: I was 12.



GUTFELD: So, OK. As a -- as a 12-year-old, what was that like?

TIMPF: Well, it was -- as a 12-year-old, I was at school.

GUTFELD: Were you a fat kid?

TIMPF: No. Thank you though, because that would have been very relevant to my experience what 9/11 was like for me.


TIMPF: And so, it was weird that nobody would like tell us what happened. 

Like all -- nobody would tell us, we were in a school. We didn't have like T.V.s in the school or anything like that. We didn't have like Internet phones or anything like that.


GUTFELD: What are you, Amish?

TIMPF: St. Mary Catholic School in Mount Clemens.

SCHAPPERT: You got it on.

TIMPF: Yes. I tried to wait until I got home. And you know, it's just watching the T.V. and I -- it's the first time I remember, you know, asking my parents about stuff that they didn't really have the answers to, because they were just as shocked and confused as I was.

GUTFELD: Right, yes. It was when the adults were powerless.


GUTFELD: Yes. All right. Last word, Tyrus. I'm kind of curious what you were doing 20 years ago, but I want to know what you're thinking now.

TYRUS: Well, I'm thinking that I'm glad he hates you a little more than me. 

So, that's a getaway time.


TYRUS: You know, I was in Lewisville, Texas with my dear friend Martin (INAUDIBLE), who's not with us anymore. We're just coming off of arena football. And I just got assigned my first agent, I had a tryout with the Dallas Cowboys. And I was trying to figure out with Cowboys, the bills. 

When I had Toronto deals, I had all these real important things.

So, I -- we went to the club that night that we partied, get up in the morning, and we see the planes go in the building, and we thought it was a T.V. show, I kept switching thes. Still didn't -- still didn't resonate like what just happened.


TYRUS: And then for me, although I didn't go into acting then, but it was at that moment that I realized that like, my priorities in life are completely -- because I'm most important thing in the world right now. And I -- because I care about was my sports, and seeing what was going on.

That's when I started getting into looking into politics and looking for things.


TYRUS: So, for me, it really caused me to grow up a little more mentally, and see what we could do.


TYRUS: You know, as we were helping getting supplies and then we want to go down there, but they started stopping people, because so many people volunteered to go to New York and dig up stuff. And we were willing to -- the guys were working and training, we were big strong guys, like, hey, we can go help. And we're being stifled when we found things to send supplies down there.

GUTFELD: Yes. Did you want to say something, Dana?

PERINO: I was going to say for those very young people today, the one thing they didn't get to experience on 9/11 that we did. Was everyone coming together?


PERIO: And that feeling, and that ability, and I think that we all kind of missed that. We long for it. And we keep thinking something's going to happen to bring us back to that moment.

GUTFELD: Should have been COVID.

PERINO: It could have been.

GUTFELD: You know?


GUTFELD: All right, which we're going to talk about in the next block.

Still ahead, the grand finale of my epic Donald Trump interview. And up next, Biden says Biden, Biden, what -- do you -- can you read that? I don't even know what that says.

TYRUS: Biden says he does vaccine order but not that he jumped this.


GUTFELD: He (INAUDIBLE) in a tease.

All right, we're going to talk about vaccines.



GUTFELD: Freedom looks dour as Biden grabs more power. Yes, another flip flop from the vaccine cop, saying he wouldn't mandate is this latest lie to date. In a move that puts the (INAUDIBLE) dictator, Joe Biden is mandating that private companies with more than 100 workers ensure employees are vaccinated or tested weekly, or he's shutting them down like Kat's liver after a three-day weekend.

Biden's royal decree also covers health care workers and federal contractors, impacting as many as 100 million Americans, or as Joe believes half the number of votes he got. But not illegal immigrants pouring through the southern border because the science says they're naturally immune and can transmit it.

It has experts asking, why don't people trust the experts. And remember, the virus only spreads at group events if there are American flags.

Meanwhile, as Republican governors are vowing to fight this mandate, tooth, and nail, it's hard to ignore the Biden administration's flip-flopping like a fish on the deck of John Kerry's yacht.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you think the COVID vaccine should be mandatory?

JOE BIDEN, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: No, I don't think it should be mandatory. I wouldn't demand to be mandatory.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is that a sign that perhaps the federal government should step in and issue mandates?

JEN PSAKI, WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY: That's not the role of the federal government. That is the role that institutions, private sector entities, and others may take.

DR. ANTHONY FAUCI, CHIEF MEDICAL ADVISOR TO PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: I don't think you'll ever see a mandating of vaccine, particularly for the general public.


GUTFELD: Well, it's like my grandpa once said: fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, and you'll sleep with the fishes, which explains why the pond out back smelled so bad.

Tyrus, here is my theory. You're going to like this theory. Biden wants us, Americans, to blame the unvaxxed for this authoritarian shift of government rather than the government itself.

He's like saying, no, it's not us. Go after your fellow Americans. They're the ones that are forcing me to become a dictator. So, you can't go to him and go, what are you doing? You said Trump was a dictator. But look what you're doing. It's not me. It's them. The 80 million unwashed rubes.

TYRUS: Now, I give it a six.

GUTFELD: Out of six?


SCHAPPERT: Oh, I think he's pretty (INAUDIBLE).

TYRUS: No, out of 45. No, no, no. I get your point, but you're missing the bigger thing.


TYRUS: You're right, in a sense, but it's about the administration's failures. So, they got to blame it on the Trumpers.


TYRUS: They got to blame it on the right. And their whole messages -- to begin with, because they want to say it's presidents Trump's base that's not getting vaccinated. So, of course, it's the bad guys.

But you just did an interview.


TYRUS: Where he very passionately talked about being vaccinated and how important it is, in a very polite way which we talked about before.


TYRUS: This is the one thing that was supposed to make them great was handling this situation. And when you don't hire the best and brightest, when you hire somebody by the way they look, and the content of their skin and not their resume, this is what happens.

You had great ideas but we just didn't fall in place. So, yes, it's the unvaccinated they're making the mistakes because he cannot own how horrible his administration handle. What was a gift?


TYRUS: They had the vaccines, they had it quickly. They had things going on. They had celebrities, everyone's doing their thing. Even the bar -- our friend from the bar rescue is doing the shot. Everyone in this room is vaccinated.

So, they've lost it. And of course, they got to blame it on the unvaccinated. And if -- and so, it's really the worst of the worst you could ever see from government.

GUTFELD: He might be the -- he might be going down as the most unpopular president after this. Just-- but that, who knows? It's still only eight months.

Kat, you're a libertarian.

TIMPF: I sure I am.

GUTFELD: This has to make your or what's left of your blood boil. Can you boil alcohol?

SCHAPPERT: (INAUDIBLE) really quickly too.

GUTFELD: Yes. Anyway, what's left if your blood alcohol mix?

TIMPF: The fun with my -- the jokes about alleged substance abuse -- talk now?


TIMPF: OK, all right.


TIMPF: Yes, it's not fair. And I am going to actually talk about substance abuse a little more.


TIMPF: They said government really, it's just crazy how much control they have over like, needles.


TIMPF: Like, if you inject yourself, like with heroin, you can go to jail. 

But if you don't inject yourself with this thing, you can't have a job?


TIMPF: I don't - you know, we'd like the founding fathers were saying, you know, all the powers are in the Constitution. You can't -- the government can have them. I don't think needles are mentioned anywhere.


TIMPF: And yet, they have complete control. I don't understand how this is legal. It's deeply upsetting. I am vaccinated. As Tyrus said, everyone here is. But I don't see how if I don't own my body, and certainly what I do and do not want to be stabbed into it, that we can't even say that we live in a free country. I think that's pretty basic stuff that your body is your own.

GUTFELD: Dana, did we just -- 

Some wild applause for the junkie. I'm kidding. She's just -- 

TIMPF: I'm doing intravenous drugs now. Amazing, I can hold down a job.

GUTFELD: It's incredible. You're like our very own Hunter Biden?


GUTFELD: Are we losing more of our rights? Or is this an -- is this -- is this a legitimate emergency action to save our lives?

PERINO: Well, it's really interesting that one of the things he said is that if you are an employer that has over 100 employees, they must be vaxxed. But apparently, employers with 99 employees are not that important?

GUTFELD: Yes, right.

PERINO: I understand what they're trying to do, to trying to make an impact on the bigger picture. It is actually pretty interesting to look at how some people like -- and businesses are saying, thank goodness, that the government's going to mandate it because now I'm not the bad guy anymore.

PERINO: Exactly, and you can't sue the bit -- like, if I can't sue by company that I work at, because companies say I'm doing what the government tells me. It's -- they're providing cover.

PERINO: And he's also concerned about the economy, he can see what's happening, right? Because COVID was supposed to get better, the economy was supposed to be great, and then they're going to add $3.5 trillion with the spending.

But if the economy's not doing well, the rest of the agenda will also fall apart. So, he does want people to complain. I'm going to -- I'm cynical in one other point.


PERINO: Do you know who this helps -- his speech helped a lot yesterday?



PERINO: Gavin Newsom. Because the people of California, they wanted this. 

The Democrats wanted this. And they are -- I telling you that, in some ways, I think that this was timed to help Gavin Newsom because I truly believe that speech was not urgent.


PERINO: He did not need to give it right before the 9/11 anniversary. But he did want to give it before the California recall next Tuesday.

GUTFELD: Wow. Terry, I seem to remember that Donald Trump was the liar and the authoritarian.


GUTFELD: Yes. And now what we're seeing is President Biden is the liar because he lied about this, and he's -- 

SCHAPPERT: I think right now he's tracking right now. Biden has already two

-- no more, no, read my lips, no new taxes state event.

GUTFELD: Yes, yes.

SCHAPPERT: This, because he said he wasn't going to do this. And also Afghanistan, we'll leave nobody behind Afghanistan. So, already twice.


SCHAPPERT: Those are big ones. Here is a quick thing about a COVID. This -- why people not more mad at China? And here is what I don't get. This gain- of-function thing, we actually make a virus more deadly and contagious. 

Maybe there's a good reason to do that research. Explain that to me, because that's what they were doing, right?


SCHAPPERT: There might be a (INAUDIBLE), maybe you're trying to stop a pandemic, maybe you're not working on bioweapons, I don't know.


SCHAPPERT: That part I get. But what Fauci doesn't -- what I have not been explained to me is, why would you do that research in China? Like, are you really going to -- what kind of judgment do you have as a scientist where you can actually do deadly virus research in China and expect that Chinese scientists to not be controlled by the Chinese government and the military? 

Like, that's really dumb. That was so bad.


SCHAPPERT: And now we -- now, we're never talking about this, and now we're dealing with this.

GUTFELD: And now -- and that ruins your acting career too.

SCHAPPERT: Yes, it did.

GUTFELD: All right, we got to go on.

Up next, it's hard to keep it brief with the ex-commander in chief.



GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS HOST: Behold the final chapter of my glorious interview with former President Donald Trump.


GUTFELD: How about the Wuhan lab. You were, you're right, you're ahead of the game on that one.

DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I was right about hydroxychloroquine, remember that? Now, had I said do not use under any circumstances.

GUTFELD: Everybody would do it. 

TRUMP: My mistake with the wall. So, it took me two and a half years to start building because I had lawsuits, I had 11 lawsuits. 


TRUMP: Mostly by Congress. Nancy Pelosi and the group crazy Nancy, so mostly by Congress, took me two and a half years to get served. You weren't allowed to start. You had all sorts of restraining. I want all of them. I start building the wall. I mean, think of it. They go out and they say walls don't work. And I always say the only two things that work and they always will, or the wheel and the wall. That wall had such an impact. But we've done a great job. 

And I think we're given a lot of credit for it. And I think frankly now, we're given much more credit than I was when I was there because they see how bad it's been. We had secured borders. You know, one of the things we talked about the People coming in: well, they couldn't come in very easily. 

But and the home -- I mean, all the different rules regulations that made it but one of the things I stopped is fentanyl to a large extent, right. I had it down at 81 percent. That's a tremendous challenge. 

GUTFELD: That was, that was incredible.

TRUMP: Now, it's tripled, quadruple what it ever was, and it is the worst drug of all.

GUTFELD: Yes, yes. And they're finding it everywhere. Used to just be in street drug, now it's in cocaine, you know, I've changed my lifestyle.

TRUMP: It's everywhere. You can no longer take anything --

GUTFELD: Exactly. I'm really, really careful.

TRUMP: You can't have a hamburger. You can't have a hamburger anymore. 

GUTFELD: Exactly. Exactly. You know, to your point. Fake News is one of the most important phrases of this generation.

TRUMP: I think so. 

GUTFELD: Because people, generally people complained about bias when they were in their home watching T.V. But it was the first time somebody on TV was saying it to them saying this is fake. 

TRUMP: Nobody ever --


TRUMP: And you know, I'm sure they won't give it. They'll say, in 1929, somebody used the term I don't think so. 


TRUMP: But I thought it was a great term. 

GUTFELD: Yes. It's stuck.

TRUMP: It was so active. No, it's stuck. 

GUTFELD: It's not going away.

TRUMP: Hey, you know how long it took? And now I watch CNN saying fake news has reported, you know, they say about the other side. It's not, it's not working. But I will say it's stuck. And you know how long it took to stick about 24 hours? 

GUTFELD: Exactly. 

TRUMP: It was there.

GUTFELD: That's amazing. Amazing. Mr. President, there's a man over there looking at me, I wonder if that means time's up?

TRUMP: I don't know, but we can do another one. Now, I have to say, I really enjoy your show. I enjoy you. I know you're a funny guy and all that, but you're very serious guy, actually. You get it. You get it. And I think that's why your shows doing so well. And I kept saying why can't these other people be beaten? They're horrible. I know them all.


TRUMP: Why can't they be beaten? And Jimmy Fallon? I watched him he was so remember the hey --

GUTFELD: Yes, yes, he was having a good time until his friends came after him. 

TRUMP: He was having a good time. 


TRUMP: He said, can I touch your hair? 


TRUMP: And I said, I'd rather have you not, but if you want, then he starts messing it up, he said, it is your head -- OK, all of this. And then what happens? They go after him. And then he apologized. 

GUTFELD: He apologized. 

TRUMP: And by the way, he got great ratings. He was great. 

GUTFELD: He's never been the same. 

TRUMP: And it's never been the same.

GUTFELD: Never the same. Because once you, once you feed the crocodile and apologize, they come after you. He lost so much respect. If you just stuck to his guns instead of just -- he lost his (BLEEP).

TRUMP: His highest rating show. 


TRUMP: And so, I'm doing it. They did commercials at the beginning. And then they went after him. 

GUTFELD: It's like SNL. 

TRUMP: They said they humanized me. 


TRUMP: They humanized me by doing it.

GUTFELD: How dare you? 

TRUMP: How dare you do that? You've humanized him. You know what you've done? 


TRUMP: And instead of saying, hey, I got the biggest ratings a show is doing great. His show was doing great. 


TRUMP: Instead, and he was always a nice guy, I always thought he was a nice guy. Instead, he apologized. He looked like such a fool. 

GUTFELD: And they're not funny. They're not funny.

TRUMP: No, they're not. 

GUTFELD: They're not funny. They replaced humor with anger. And they're in what's called clapper. They want people to clap about their opinions and not their jokes. 

TRUMP: The other one used to treat me, ABC? 

GUTFELD: Kimmel. 

TRUMP: Jimmy Kimmel. 


TRUMP: He used to -- I did a show many times, before I was doing this. He used to greet me on the sidewalk. He used to wait for him and nobody else. 


TRUMP: This is before I was a politician. 


TRUMP: He -- can you believe I said I was a politician? I hate to say that, but I listen, he is to Jimmy Kimmel. Wait for me, outside his studio, in Los Angeles, very crowded street. When I came, he kissed my ass all the way in. And then what happens? I run and all of a sudden, I'm like this horrible guy. This guy, go back to his old shows. 

GUTFELD: Demand show. 

TRUMP: He treated me -- he was nervous to talk to me. 


TRUMP: He'd meet me at the car. 


TRUMP: I think he might have even opened my door. And now, it's different. 

So, it's one of those things, you know, it's very interesting. I went, I went into a big event. And our great former first lady who really did, people love her. We love our First Lady (INAUDIBLE). But she said, I've never heard anybody boo for you. I had just announced. And I said, well, that's politics. She said, yes, but all the years we've been together, nobody ever booed. And now, there were some people cheering like crazy and some people booing.


TRUMP: I said, well, that's what happens when you go into politics. It is true. 


TRUMP: But --

GUTFELD: People pick sides. 

TRUMP: Those late night guys are terrible. And you have done the country's such a service by gobbling up those ratings. And I congratulate you. You've done a great thing.

GUTFELD: Well, thank you, Mr. President. That means a lot. And thank you for doing this interview. This has been a blast. 

TRUMP: It's been a lot of, a lot of fun. We'll do it again. 

GUTFELD: Definitely.


GUTFELD: Yes, and that concludes our mini-series with former President Trump. Coming up, Facebook and Ray Ban go all inspired like Joseph Stalin.


GUTFELD: Oh, can hidden cameras on your lenses let you record all your friend-ses? 

Yes, Ray Ban has new -- yes. Are you OK, Terry? 


GUTFELD: All right. So, Ray Ban has new glasses that will let you secretly record the masses turning four eyes into more spies. Facebook and Ray Ban teamed up to create Rey Ban Story's $300 glasses that can take photos and record videos. To start recording, you can either use voice control or tap a small button. Video recording will automatically stop after 30 seconds so you can't record someone at length without them knowing, making this a great tool for smearing people without context. 

They should call them Covington contacts. The camera light is so small that a Wall Street Journal reporter who tested the glasses claims no one could see it until she told them it was there. I can't wait to try them on in the steam room at Planet Fitness. I'll be the guy wearing Ray Bans and not much else. All right, should we just shut up? All right, Dana. I think you know you live kind of on the water. This is a beach pervert's dream come true. 

Walk around with his re band staring at women in their bikinis?

DANA PERINO, FOX NEWS HOST: Recording them, really?

GUTFELD: Exactly. Recording for later enjoyment, if you know what I mean.

PERINO: Let me tell you something. I don't even want to see what's out there. I would not want to wear these. I also think that what could possibly go wrong? 


PERINO: I think any point that it would only be for little short snippets. 


PERINO: So, you don't see the whole story. This could really become a problem and I think maybe we should all just agree right now that no one should be cancelled for any video that comes from one of these. 

GUTFELD: Exactly. A little cancelled contract. Tyrus, is this great for all those activists who show their phones saying the world is watching? Now, they can -- now their hands are free, while they scold you.

TYRUS, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: So, you throw more eggs? 

GUTFELD: Yes, exactly. 

TYRUS: Yes, smartphones or smart glasses for dumb people. Yes, this is -- this is a great idea. Facebook apparently is low on content. So, they need more morons appointed. Because what are you going to trick 12:00 at night, let me put my sunglasses on real quick, guys. You know, we're all of a sudden someone who never wore sunglasses. 


TYRUS: Always has them on. Like, seriously Kilmeade. We know what you're doing right now. It's just, it's this is just more social media, stupid stuff for people to think they're really, they're really going to get the story and it's just it's just going to continue with more lies and stupid stuff and trying to catch people and people going to be less human.

GUTFELD: You know what this is a great -- if you're going to get these you have to start wearing sunglasses now. Like Kilmeade wears them in the bathroom. I don't know why. It's not like people recognize them in the stall but whatever. Terry.

TYRUS: They're confusing because you and him both feet dangle, so it's weird. Short joke. 

GUTFELD: Not the only thing that dangles. All right, Terry.

SCHAPPERT: Yes, you should move on. I wear sunglasses generally so I would be very suspect of this. This is like an example, I think it's like one of those things where just because you can doesn't mean you should. Like to make these things like it's OK, I get it, you're going to do this but a whole can of worms coming up. 

GUTFELD: Yes, hearing that from you. Last words to you, Kat. You wear fake glasses. 

KAT TIMPF, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: No, they're real now, remember? 

GUTFELD: Oh, that -- oh, that's right. 

TIMPF: Yes, I wore -- no, I wore fake glasses for seven years and then I went slightly nearsighted in my right eye. 

GUTFELD: Do you what the irony of that is? That's like pretending that you're disabled. And then you're disabled. God punished you. God punished you, you little atheist Libertarian. All right. 

TIMPF: It's about time. 

SCHAPPERT: You kind of did have a coven. 

TIMPF: Yes, and it was eternal damnation.

SCHAPPERT: Yes, you do have a coven. 

TIMPF: Yes -- no this is, this is, this is devastating because often in public I'll look around make sure no one's recording what I'm doing on my phone when I'm acting the way that I like to act. 


TIMPF: So, I guess I can only drink at home.

GUTFELD: There you go. That's the answer for everybody drink at home. All right, up next, time to pig out on jokes we forgot about.


GUTFELD: We cover a lot of crap and sometimes not all of our beautiful jokes make it in. Now, he's, now he's gone too far. But lucky, some jokes get a second chance right here in their own segment time once again for.


GUTFELD: Now, here's some leftovers. First some rhymes about farting in bed. We were going to do a segment on why it's bad to fart in bed if you're, if you're not wearing clothes, but we decided to kill the story.

So, these were the leads that we ended up -- is there an art to blocking nighttime farts? Is wearing undies to block gas like wearing a mask on your ass. Will briefs made of cotton keep your sheets from smelling rotten? Is your butt being rude while you're sleeping in the nude? 

Alright, I'm done of that. 

SCHAPPERT: You've done better. 

GUTFELD: Yes, this week. Here's some jokes. Rolling Stone magazine took heat for publishing and easily debunked story claiming Ivermectin O.D.s we're taking up ICU beds. The story was a sham but it was a nice change from their usual monthly list of the Top 75 Bob Dylan albums. Well, that was a long way for low pay off. 

According to a new study, having too much free time on your hands can reduce a person's sense of well-being. Don't these researchers have anything better to do? Shoot me. Anti-sexual harassment group time's up has removed their entire board of directors after their former CEO supporter supported Andrew Cuomo. The disgraced former governor said, he's willing to apologize to the board members in person. He'll be waiting at the motel on Route 90. 

More than a third of shoppers surveyed said the pandemic inspired them to purchase more vegan and vegetarian products. Foods that pair well with the loss of smell and taste. And after eating that crap, they'll no longer fear death's sweet embrace. 

North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un flaunted his slimmer physique at a recent military parade. He assured the public he's not sick, just cutting back on food, to which the public replied, what's food? Laughing at starvation, you people make me sick. 

They just lifted all COVID-19 restrictions in Denmark. Well, most of them Danes who haven't been vaccinated still have to wear the wooden shoes. 

They'll never lose that one. Wooden shoes, Denmark. 

Amazon will pay the college tuition for 750,000 hourly employees. There's just one wrinkle: Amazon college grads won't have a graduation ceremony. 

The driver will just leave the diploma on their porch. 

California schools will provide free feminine hygiene products for all female students. Now, all they have to do is agree on what actually constitutes a female student. That's good. 

United Airlines net requires all employees to be fully vaccinated and employees who have only had their first injection are being asked, would you like to make it a double for just $2.00 more? 

A man bailed out by a fund promoted by Kamala Harris is now accused of murder. I haven't seen someone bite the hand that feeds them since Joe Biden's dog attacked the Secret Service.

SCHAPPERT: Are there a lot more of these? 

GUTFELD: You got to be somewhere? 

SCHAPPERT: Actually, I'm literally falling asleep right now. 

GUTFELD: That's what they're there for, Terry. Thank you for your service. 

SCHAPPERT: You're welcome for your freedom. 

GUTFELD: Chicago. Chicago is dedicating resources to finding businesses over COVID mandates while gun violence explodes. You know, if gun crime gets any worse, the government will be forced to rename schools. That's a great joke. 

SCHAPPERT: And that was one of the better ones. 

GUTFELD: That's a great tip. And finally, McDonald's has refused to settle the debate on what the large purple object as Grimace is supposed to be. 

Meanwhile, they continue to glorify crime through hamburglar. He's the reason I bought a gun. That's it. 

SCHAPPERT: Are you happy with yourself right now? 

GUTFELD: You know what, at least I did try to become a stage actor. Don't go away. We'll be right back.


GUTFELD: We have time for one final thought, Terry. 

SCHAPPERT: Hey, my season five series "Hollywood Weapons" premieres on Outdoor, September 25th, and thank you for letting me do that. 

GUTFELD: Outdoor.

SCHAPPERT: Outdoor. September 25th. Hollywood Weapons. You'll have fun, you'll laugh you'll realize what an idiot I am. 

GUTFELD: All right, we don't need to watch that to know that. 

All right, set your DVRs every night so you never miss an episode. Thanks to Dana Perino, Terry Schappert, Kat Timpf, Tyrus, and our studio audience. 

"FOX NEWS @ NIGHT" with evil Shannon Bream is next. I'm Greg Gutfeld and I love you, America. 

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Gutfeld’s one-of-a-kind Trump interview gets awkwardness out the way right upfront

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