Taylor Heinicke Talks Patrick Mahomes

The drama surrounding Sean Taylor's retirement ceremony Sunday is continuing to build.

Before Sunday's game between the Washington Football Team and the Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes' brother Jackson, a TikTok user with nearly a million followers, grabbed some of the attention away from Taylor. 

He posted a video dancing on the newly-painted, roped off 21 painted on the field to honor Taylor on the day where his number would be officially retired by the organization.

The video was deleted hours later, but not before thousands of internet users criticized the younger Mahomes for his dancing.

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Mahomes later apologized in a tweet.

Many internet users would then criticize Mahomes' apology and raise questions as to why he and his family were directed to stand on Taylor's No. 21.

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Pictures were then shown to reveal that other members with access to the field were also seen standing inside the roped off area.

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Considering the mess the organization made last week with the announcement of the ceremony, Washington has once again found themselves in hot water and have many fans questioning their decisions and motives.

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All of this continues to take away from Taylor's excellence on the field and why his number was being retired in the first place. It's simply a lose-lose situation for all parties involved.

On this episode of "Locked On Washington Football Team," hosts Chris Russell and David Harrison talk about Mahomes' brother dancing on Taylor's memorial and the widespread attention it has received in the days following the retirement ceremony.

Then, the pair shift over to conversation regarding the play on the field, including the little things stacking up to kill Washington's chances of winning, a lack of holistic utilization of quarterback Taylor Heinicke's talents, and some hidden opportunities for complementary football go by the wayside.

They also talk about the surprising start to the year from the Washington offensive line and look ahead to the team's Week 7 matchup against the Green Bay Packers.

Chris and David deal with all that and more on this episode of "Locked on Washington Football Team". For more podcasts and information, join us here.

Source : https://www.si.com/nfl/washingtonfootball/news/washington-football-team-podcast-patrick-jackson-mahomes-sean-taylor

Patrick Mahomes takes a vicious hit to the head


Patrick Mahomes takes a vicious hit to the head