The Bespoke Luxury Of Tiny Garden Office Cubes

Rise of the garden office 

The benefits of using pods for focused work in offices have been clear for several years. Companies have realised that open-plan office designs are not always conducive to a productive work environment, and so have invested in a raft of solutions aimed at providing quiet spaces for workers who need privacy for their task.

But the pandemic also brought a surge in demand for home-based workplace solutions – something that looks set to continue in the new hybrid era. One recent UK survey found 85% of working adults currently based at home wanted to continue doing so at least some of the time.

Manufacturers say they've seen a significant rise in interest for pods to be installed in domestic settings. "People started looking at the spaces in their homes a bit differently, [like] if you had a really big balcony but felt crowded in your living room,” says Jon Lynn, who started London-based My Office Pods four years ago. "They were just trying to find out how they could utilise the space more.”

Lynn does occasionally sell pods for use inside people’s homes, citing soundproofing as their great draw. He had one customer desperate for a place to take phone calls away from his children, for example. The noise inside the pod is also contained, which he says appealed to one man whose wife was tired of his guitar practice. But Lynn says the high cost and corporate appearance of pods designed to sit inside offices – as well as the fact that even the smallest pods would easily dominate an average living room – tend to put most people off.

That means the domestic market focuses on pods designed for garden use. But where once having a garden office meant having a slightly superior shed, emerging companies promise all the technology and comfort of an office within a tiny, self-contained square footage.

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The bespoke luxury of tiny garden office cubes


The bespoke luxury of tiny garden office cubes